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"What we need now are some crazy people - look what the ordinary people have made! " (G.B. Shaw)

We invite all people of good will to join here! Even though it may seem like a crazy time to start, let's begin to CURE OUR BELOVED EARTH


Where are we at?

We can probably not over-exaggerate the statement: "Ecologically, economically and spiritually, the planet is in a critical state." People everywhere suffer from displacement, hunger and dictatorial conditions. Or they are entangled in mere subsistence struggles to survive – be it finding firewood for cooking in Africa, or procuring rent in the so-called "First World".


Behind it all, the international monetary system piles up huge sums to make huge piles, which are in turn invested in self-serving profitably schemes and mega-projects. There are increasingly delusional and more threatening projects like Giga-dams in China, which cost the GDP of entire countries. Similarly scary are GM and bio-tech projects which turn millions (or more) into victims and lead to nightmarish bio-mechanical working robots with AI capacities and pseudo human faces.

What's behind it all?

World domination scenarios join a long cue of conspiracy theories but whatever the case may be the current situation (and the currency situation) profoundly disagrees with the intent of Global Healing. Deep analysis or careful examination of social consciousness seems to indicate a paralyzing fear and fatalistic "I cannot change anything" type of thinking. This is by design.

We are entirely pragmatic about this and transparantly state that: in the face of corporate powermongers and autocratic political and bureaucratic sectors, the field of science is corrupted by paying corporate interests and therefore unsuitable for truthful research. This type of 'science' produces 'solutions' which require solutions, therefore this side of the industry just goes round and round in circles chasing its tail and not providing any exit from a self-inflicted spiral of destruction!

What can we do?

To enable indigenous people liberty and autonomy one solution seems clear: Let's give rebirth to a collective lifestyle purpose again!


This includes:


The ability to think and act logically while enabling for the bioenergetic processes of self-healing, and allowing for natural communication with the life-sustaining "magnetic" field of the planet as well as the natural growth potential of mental and spiritual levels. With this type of collective approach we could enter into a new dimension of real knowledge and subsequent peace via a happy union between spirituality and science.


This last aspect is humanity's greatest challenge in these times. All successful cultures of past eras developed this combination of "Everyday Science and the Spiritual Quest” intelligently. Spirituality is to be understood here as not involving any religious ceremonies of any kind! It is the aboriginal rights of the human species to grow and communicate with the resonant way of the universe and to draw lessons of fundamental importance for harmonious existence on this blue planet from what we like to call: "the symphony of the universe" - the universal laws.

Beautiful Sayings?

Well hopefully we will all recognize the great opportunity we have to propel our collective situation forward into a new level of scientific and spiritual harmony. Please reassure me that you once told yourself, “I will not be an ecological sinner,” - but what to do with all the rubbish that is produced daily around the world? Not only the waste that is stuffed into daily tips, but also the subtle “waste” that is generated by stress and anxiety, by the struggle for survival; war, jealousy and greed – “psycho-waste”. Our environment is contaminated and poisoned through industrial production, combustion technology and microwave (wireless) emissions that are counter-productive and predominantly unnecessary.


From the perspective of a reasoned hollistic view it is obvious that these factors have not just automatically sprouted from 'the earth system', our habitat.

We live on credit.

Most informed people are clear that our financial systems are based around credit, we extend the mortgage as a last resort and cannot keep up with the interest – we can hardly even contemplate paying it off with bulk 5 figure payments.

A universal rule.

Those who are 'sinking in the mud' can only be helped from outside! For this essay, this means that an entangled system can only be changed positively, from outside, from a level beyond the level that created the problems.

The 'higher order'.

Let us examine this level together, the so-called 'higher order' and let us contemplate what it would need to do to resolve the current dramatic state of our planet:

  • Detoxification of all life-threatening substances (including radioactivity, gases, heavy metals, toxins, etc.)

  • Restore optimal soil fertility

  • Revitalize the raw material, Water

  • Stabilize the global climate

  • Save the forests

  • Return to biological compatibility (including with technical issues and radiation)

  • Last but not least - support of a consciousness that does not confuse spirituality with dogma, fanaticism and moralizing condescension.


Why are we here?


Why are we "on the spot" in these unique times? Because WE have the relevant knowledge and the capacity of heart and mind to initiate new directions.

Curing the Planet


The basic aim is of course to restore the planet in its entirety to its true natural beauty and purity - in the face of multi-level global pollution!

For sure we need a multi dimensional approach to combat the difficulties. These issues have a tendancy to swing to extreme polarities with frequency shifts and surges that wear down biological resonance field stability.

Resonance field stability prevails if every organism (which may also be entire regions or groups such as forests) is supported by a steady and mutually constructive harmonious, bipolar magnetic interaction. This is the natural state which we also call "healthy".

If this steady resonance field is disturbed, decay spreads - and may come hand in hand with inordinate growth (cancer), and desolated (fungus-infected) zones. We all know this from evidence of monocultures, as well as from our own experience. It's important to note why this socio-cultural "desolation" occurs - just think, entire landscapes of forest vegetation have been cleared in favor of (for instance) hegemonic aspirations to build ships. We're caught in the middle as power dictates socio-cultural environments on a global scale.


Paper tiger

So-called “climate change conferences” have been unmasked as smokescreens or paper tigers! This is evidenced by continual and repeated dramatic policy failures. We cannot forget that by virtue of our humanity, we are part of the action: the global resonance field reacts with tremendous force:

As Wilhelm Reich described decades ago, the phenomenon of "orgone" – is an all permeating constructive and positive 'basic creative energy' that is responsible for the maintenance of healthy structures. He called the destruction of Orgone, “DOR - deadly orgone energy”, ie 'the energy of death', and described how there were small mushroom-like expanses of DOR spreading around the planet due to the misuse of technical equipment and the wrongly steered psycho-mental and spiritual energy of mankind.

That was more than 50 years ago. We are now close to the "point of no return". Everyone knows that we have preserved a little common sense and a deep love for the earth.

Do we need "saving" from the "outside"?

So, what could be the next step to resolve this misguided scenario of frequency shifts devastating the resonance field at all levels?


What is "the next level," - the outstretched hand, that helps to pull us out of the mud? Do we - as some believe - wait for alien "rescue boats" to evacuate us? Or should we stay in quiet contemplation expressing ourselves in meditation? Here we are: this is not meant to be provocative - these are serious questions about everyone's sense of responsibility and a call for noticing things with renewed zeal. All the tools and possibilities already exist! We are the creators of our own destiny.


We have grown drastically!

To heal the "frequency salad" that mankind has caused, the next (higher) level is available to us all! No - we're not talking about a “doctrine of salvation” or “good news” that takes the responsibility away from us - we predict the coming of age of humanity!


About the frequency for information

Our team has long tracked healing approaches that meet all the necessary criteria to heal the world. We are delighted to have found that wonderful technologies and processes of a higher order already exist worldwide that employed correctly would cause global healing and even be able to be suppress radioactively contaminated areas and reactivate water to its inner vitality. This can be acheived without chemical or magnetic (or other) means but simply by stimulating the underlying information of higher organizing principles (including the principles underlying frequencies).




  • The scattering of rose quartz chips over soil formerly contaminated with herbicide, revitalizes and rebalances the soil to ensure gorgeous healthy plants.

  • Evidence of "miraculous" healing processes such as advanced back-bone fractures and even cancer! Healing affected in a fraction of the "normal" recovery time, and pain free!

  • Oppressive and emotionally stressful currents being changed to liberative and emotionally free currents in entire neighborhoods. Creation of an “information field” that supports the free will and the best of human traits and abilities. Worldwide instances of these projects over many years.

  • Our own part in this development is to provide 3rd Millennium technology: Bio-information technology; a process which enables us to realise what has been described above.
    - We regretfully note that such technologies have at times been associated with bigotry, it seems that integrating one's world view into ones life can prove difficult.

Now however, the time has come!

To fight against the 'negative' only gives it attention. We hereby encourage you to simply cherish the positive! Focus on and support non-negative structures! This is a call to you, the reader of these lines, to make your own decision and proceed accordingly!


Global Healing - The Wave of Change


We are the initiators of this wave of healing change, who bring experience and know-how of the quantum dynamic and make up a large part of the work force.

Every 14 days a subject will be posted onto this website, which is then focused on by a growing number of like-minded people at exactly 12:00 noon and thus supplied with their collective "solid intention orientation", and charged with energy.

The result is a wave of global healing which oscillates around the entire planet, for every hour it is 12:00 noon somewhere on earth!

This means that the more people who connect around the globe, the more intense and long-lasting effect this powerful "deliberate approach" waveform will carry – the ball is set in motion!

This powerful tool for 'creating a new reality' through peaceful means and through the spiritual strength and the power of the heart - inherent in every human being - is the most appropriate means for the creation of a new value system that will be established in a natural way.

The 'resonant antenna' - what is it and what is it used for?

With our know-how of quantum dynamics we are able to supply any graphic structure with specific information/content, via resonance.

This happens at the quantum level - it sounds more complicated than it is. It is simply “applied quantum physics” that's our job - you don't need to worry too much about it.

You can see an example of a resonant antenna (known as QR code) on the right scroll bar >>>>>>>

Basically, it works like the radio with a transmitting station and a receiver. Only there are no funk frequencies sent - it happens on the quantum level or a higher dimension ...

Why is the resonant antenna so important?

There are three main reasons:

1. The topic under discussion is an integral part of the transmission.

2. To ensure and promote the connection of all participants.

3. To guarantee an important PROTECTION ASPECT also listed below.

Millions of people may be simultaneously or sequentially connected in a positive and supportive way through a resonant antenna provided with information content!

For this purpose we use a QR code (not to be confused with a barcode!) and imprint it with the current topic.

Examples of topics that will roll around every 14 - 30 days and cause a wave of global healing at 12:00 o'clock around the globe:

  • Fair worldwide monetary system (end of interest and compound interest)

  • Protection of rainforests

  • Healing of and protection from radioactive contamination (our topic for the next time !! please join)

  • Just and fair land use worldwide

  • Protection for whales and dolphins

  • Development of new energy technologies

  • Rejection of mind control programs

  • Governments that serve the people!

  • A purified atmosphere

  • Water belongs to all!

  • - And much more

- We ask you to make comprehensive suggestions for topics on the blog!

In addition, for each of these topics, a QR code, (“resonant antenna”) is provided with a highly specific protection program that shields the user of the code in a 'protective box'. This protective field reflects any attacks back to whatever level they arose from.

We all want Global Healing – with maximum safety!

Again, all the phenomena that we experience as reality is based on an information structure. Without any prior information that ultimately leads matter and events in time and space and defines our reality, there are no energy processes to be perceived as reality.

All of our heart energy creates this new reality

In short, matter follows the energy - and energy follows information

What can YOU do NOW?

  • Get involved and "subscribe" in the Global Healing Project – for about the price of 1 cup of coffee per month. (Link at Top Right)

  • Print the current Global Healing response code you are provided.

    (Renew with the new theme after the date printed!)

    We plan to remind you by email of it – The best and safest way to access updates is through the link on your subscription page.

  • Carry the Global Healing resonator code with you (in plastic, laminated, or in an envelope) and place it on the field of your heart - every day at exactly 12:00 noon your time!

  • WE CREATE FROM THE HEART! Please use as an alarm clock or the alarm function of your mobile phone. Please immerse yourself in the topic under discussion for a few minutes. The topic is imprinted on the code and supported by your imagination. Please say the words, (silently or aloud) “I am connected to all well-meaning people in the world and decide here and now that (please address the current issue here...),” or words to a similar effect ...

  • That's all. Notice your aspiration strengthen with the mutual intention at this moment and take it into activity...


IMPORTANT! Please forward this page - preferably daily, to at least 3 other people who you consider are ready and mature enough to understand and participate in this project. If you are running a newsletter or blog – please include the Global Healing link or post about it there. For exchange with other participants of Global Healing - please write here in the blog / Comment on this page.

Searching for Translators! If you speak one of the languages listed in the menu fluently (or two! ;-) – we would love it if you could translate this text. Please forward translation, or contact us.

Please only forward this page - not the code itself. The initiators have to cover the running costs of this project! If you've tagged money leftover, please make additional donations (see "Donate" button at the top side) - Thanks a lot!

Subscribe now (top right)

  • From now on we assume responsibility for our home planet!

  • We will be using this "wave of good will" steadily and persistently to bring about the necessary and urgent changes to our Earth and to us!

!!!  We decided to work with ONLY ONE TOPIC for the next months !!

Thats the FUKUSHIMA reactor consequences for the whole planet!

please click and watch the video for more informations

The topical issue is be renewed when necessary. (please check from time to time).

Welcome to the sustainable and irreversible healing of the earth!


Translators needed for all languages! We're very grateful if you can forward us the translated text of this page or contact us.

Until the 30 April 2013 the topic of healing the issue of “compound interest” is imprinted on the resonant antenna (the 1st Global Healing resonator code) and already available.

New topic available now - until 31. March 2013.  "Governments that serve the people !"








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